San Marcos Suns
                            2013 Photo Gallery 
The winning sculpture in the Master's category.
Abe Waterman

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Sandcastle Days - South Padre Island, Texas - Oct. 4 - 6, 2013

The San Marcos Suns entered a number of different teams in this year's event and this group did a great job in the Open division, which was the only category this year. They got 

2nd Place 

The team members were (L to R) Dave Wilson, Wilbon Davis, Barry Brittain, Mary Wilson, Robin and Scott Wade, Vickie Brittain, Connie and Winston Haun and Annette Dever. There were some additional members not present for the photo.
Mike and Pat Foster worked with the CASA group and this team came in 
3rd Place

Mike Foster, along with the folks from CASA accepting their award from Sandy Feet.                               ------------------>

When the event was held, our government was shut down by our clowns in Washington and Mark & Danny wanted to make a statement 
to reflect this legislative action which
was not necessary and has impacted 
thousands of hard working Americans.

Actions speak louder than words, if only they would listen. Maybe it is time for us to gut Congress and start over with folks that don't know how Washington works....... 
The Master Sculptures
People's Choice award went to the Amazin Walter McDonald,
Tea Time at the beach.
This sculpture was really interesting, it looks like a comb, but when you look closer you realize how amazing this piece really is....
Sculpture done by JOOheng Tan, hailed as "Vincent Sand Gogh"
A very creative sculpture created by Sandy Feet,
This sculpture won second place in the Master's category.
 Hear no evil, See no evil, speak no evil.
This sculpture created by Karen Fralick reflects 
the speed of our bills and laws in Texas 
Everybody loves sea creature, especially the Shark....
Some of the ideas that are done in sand come from ideas of those childhood toys.
This year's Master winner was created by Abe Waterman
You could have sat down and had a pint with any of these sand guys.
Many thanks to Ruben and the folks at Sangria Condos where the San Marcos Suns
 made their home at the beach for this event. This is a great facility and easy access to the beach.